M-40 Speedway - M-40 Stocks Rules

M-40 Stock Rules



A) Eligible Models 
1. Any 4 or 6 cylinder FWD (6 cylinders must be automatic). Max. of 3.4 
liter engine. No super charged or turbo charged motors. 
2. Absolutely No AWD,4WD 
3. Stock OEM engine unaltered. No V-Tec's or 1.8 Mazda/Ford Escort GT's. 
4. No headers, Exhaust must exit behind the rear tires. Stock oem air cleaners & tubes. 
Stock diameters on exhaust. 
5. All airbags must be deactivated. 
6. Stock transmissions all gears must work. 
7. Stock pump gas only-no racing fuel.                                                                                           8. Cold Air Intakes Legal


B) Body 
1. Sun roof openings must be enclosed with steel. 
2. All glass except windshield must be removed. 
3. Doors must be welded shut. 
4. Body's must remain stock. No Slab Body's 
5. Hood must be secured with hood pins only. 
6. All insulation under the hood must be removed. 
7. Stock ride height must be maintained. 

C) Suspension 
1. Steering and suspension must remain stock. No modifications. 
2. 1'' of camber is allowed in right front only. All other tires must be at ZERO. 
3. No ballast may be added. 
4. Maximum 1'' toe in or out. 
5. Must have stock unaltered springs for that year of car. No spacers. 

D) Tires 
1. DOT tires of 60,65,70,75,78 
2. Maximum rim diameter 16''. All rims must be the same size. One one tire per rim. 
3. No racing or directional high performance tires are allowed. 
4. No shaving,or buffing of tire. 
5. Must have same size tires on front and same size on rear. All 4 do not have to be same size. 

E) Safety 
1. Helmet must meet minimum DOT standard, Snell Approved. 
2. Fire Suit and Gloves are mandatory.
3. Neck roll or Hans device is recommended. 
Racing Seat and 4 point racing harness mandatory. 
5. Fire Extinguisher Required 2 lb BC rated mounted in quick release mount within reach. 
6. Although we are strongly encouraging people to build and work on their own cars, if you have little or no experience putting in a safe roll cage, contact a good welder to help you install a good quality roll cage, your racing seat, and your safety belt and window net mounts. All M-40 Stocks will have a minimum of a 4 post roll cage. The minimum round or square tubing size is 1 1/2” x .095 thickness, no exhaust tubing or old rusty well pipe allowed. The rollover bar will be behind the driver’s head, with the upper halo section constructed to give the driver plenty of head clearance & protection to provide safety in the event of a rollover.

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