M-40 Speedway - Race Procedures

               M40 RACE PROCEDURES FOR 2014

In the event that there is an accident, unless officials' rule that a wreck was blatant,

intentional or obvious or the car clearly stopped or spun to avoid an accident, all cars

involved in an accident will be sent to rear. This is at officials’ discretion. IF YOU HAVE TO WRECK A CAR TO MAKE A PASS, YOU WILL BE SENT TO REAR! The decision made by the official is FINAL. If you stop on the track during a green flag for the sole purpose of  bringing out a caution, you will be sent to the pits and forfeit all points for the evening. If you cause an accident stop on the front stretch and TAP OUT.


LAST TWO LAPS OF FEATURE RACES TO FINISH UNDER GREEN UNLESS FLAGMAN CHOOSES TO FINISH UNDER CAUTION/CHECKEREDS. Yellow flag on last lap of feature race is at the flagman’s discretion. If there is a wreck on the last lap of a feature race we reserve the right to place the person causing the accident to the rear of the field and revert back to the last completed lap for finishing order. This is for cars in the wreck and behind the wreck only and is solely at the scorer’s discretion. We will NOT race back to the line, we will have a green, white, checkered finish.


All races will have double file restarts. (Leader to choose high or low and second place start next to leader third starts second row inside forth second row outside and so on) Races will be started by flagman displaying green flag approximately at the white line painted on the track in between turns three and four. Passing will be allowed everywhere when green flag is presented. Pole car sets the pace and will not be allowed to jump the start. If the pole car jumps the start, they will be given one opportunity to restart correctly and if they fail they will be sent to the tail and all cars in the race shall advance one position via moving the entire line directly forward. If someone chooses to take the tail or can’t make the race the cars behind them in the line up will move directly forward.


All cars going to pits will start in the rear. Cars may be allowed to enter track under green when cleared by pit road attendant. (if you are several laps down you will not be permitted to re enter track under green.) If Red flag comes out before one completed lap, cars can go to pit and get their start position back by time flagman gives one to go signal. When a driver is given a black flag for rough driving, fighting, disrespecting officials or unsportsman like conduct they hereby forfeit all points and money for the entire night.


No stopping on track to work on car except on Red flag conditions and only by driver.  No one will be allowed to come into the cool down lane to work on cars, any and all work must be done in the pits. If your crew comes onto the cool down lane or the track you will be black flagged for that race. Stopping to argue with official could result in disqualification. Only minor issues will be addressed by officials on the track, If you need parts torn off to continue you must go into the pits and restart at the tail.


Heat races time limits: 8 minutes total from time green flag is displayed to start race


or 2 cautions, whichever happens first. No exceptions, other than a blown motor type  issue that delays the race for massive clean-up. Finish order will be last completed lap minus cars involved in Second Yellow. 

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