M-40 Speedway - Pro Stock Rules

Pro Stock 2014 Rules


Weight Overall: 2900 lbs. stock frame front to rear, Howe front clip or any stock front clip on tube chassis. Straight Rail cars with none stock lowers 3100 lbs. (All weights are with car, driver sitting in car & helmet before feature race)


All added weights to car should be painted white and have car number on it. No weight below the frame. All added weights shall be securely fastened width minimum ½” steel grade threaded rod. Adding weight for a rules’ violation will be allowed for one race only. It must be corrected by the following week. This excludes all special shows, you must be legal to show up and race the big shows!!


**PLEASE NO WHINING RULE-If you, as a driver or a crew member, complain to an official or tech person about a competitors car or components, your car may be inspected first then the process may begin on the competitor’s car. This applies to anytime your car is at the speedway.







Body must be ABC approved and/or appearing; ABC approved fiberglass or aluminum or plastic template style. No straight sides or fenders. Door skins can be aluminum from Five Star or homemade. All other parts must be template style ABC pieces-fiberglass, aluminum or plastic are OK.

Nose and bumper cover must match template package. No alterations. Must be stock appearing template style, un-cut nosepiece. Nosepiece sides and bottom cannot be cut, trimmed, ground, or altered. Stock 1” lip must remain on bottom of nose. 4”ground clearance min. There is no exception to this rule, no box style home made bodies.

No dirt noses.

Full front and rear window, must be Lexan, no glass. Template pieces. Roof and windows must be a maximum 5 inches at A & B pillars

Side windows minimum 15” max. Vent windows (each side) is 12”.

Minimum roof height: 47” 10” back from windshield on centerline.

Maximum rear deck height: 35”.

No angling of nose piece.

Tires not to extend past body panels. Cannot alter body to gain track width!

Rear quarter width at wheel wells is 82” max.

Max. Front over hang 46” from center line of hub to leading edge of nose. 17.25” off ground to bumper line.

Roof must have stock posts in original location.

Any sharp edges or bolts sticking out must be cut off. Anybody that does not remain stock looking could be ruled illegal and you will have one week to fix the infraction.







Maximum width 60”. Top of spoiler not to exceed 42 inches. Spoiler must be part of template package and follow the contour ABC approved only.

Spoiler not to extend past rear deck.

Maximum spoiler height is 6.5”.



Full stock frame Camaro or metric style or other stock front clip on perimeter type chassis (2900 lbs). If you offset your front clip for any reason other than toe box clearance you must weight 3100 lbs.

Stock frame may be cut at rear kick up. Under-slung rear OK.

Wheelbase: 102” min. Max. tire width: 80” outside to outside, measured at ground with toe boards. (back or front)

Minimum frame height: 4”

Maximum engine set back is 4 inches measure from the center line of upper ball joints to center of furthest forward spark plug hole.

Must have wrecker hoops for towing front and rear.

No adjustment of chassis from drivers’ compartment.

No electric or mechanical traction control devices.




Cast iron block.

Stock cast iron heads.

Pro or dart type OK.

Wet oil system only.

One carburetor, 2 or 4 barrel.

No electric fuel pumps.

Engine setback not to exceed 4” max. from top ball joint to center of furthest forward cylinder (Chevy, left; Ford, Right)

Exhaust manifolds; cast iron or headers OK – center dumps OK.

Intake – cast iron or aluminum OK.

Working starter.

100 DB muffler is mandatory!

$200 claimer on MSD box. If box is claimed, must exchange. If the track buys the box, MSD box will be returned within 7 days if legal and driver must return the money to the track.


Roll Cage:




Minimum 4 post roll cage, 3 door bars left side; 2 door bars right side.

1.5” x.090 wall thickness minimum.

4 main posts of cage to be welded to frame rails.

Drivers doors to have 24”x24”x1/8” steel plate welded or bolted securely to cage.

Drive shaft hoop required.







Stock type firewalls front & rear – OEM or better.

Steel floor pan under driver to extend from firewall to firewall – OEM or better1/8” minimum.

No mirrors or radios.

Seat to be racing type design, properly mounted.

Roll bars near driver's body will be well padded.

A full 5 point restraint system required.

This includes 3” wide seat belt, 2 over the shoulder, 3” belts and a crouch strap.

Belts should be no older than 3 years and in good condition.



Each wheel to have properly working brake. Steel rotors only – no carbon fiber rotors.

Bias device OK.

No shut off devises on brake system anywhere!



Stock OEM. Tubular steering shaft with a minimum of 2 universal joints OK.

Rack and pinion steering systems ok.


Rear Ends:

Stock type or Ford 9”. No cambered rear ends. 3 or 4 link OK.

Heims OK.


Transmissions/Bell housing:

Stock OEM 3or 4 speed. Reverse must be working.

7.25 racing clutch on motor.

No Bert, Brinn or Falcon Tranny.



Mounted in stock location with overflow can and overflow tube to lower right corner of windshield 2”

No anti-freeze

Water only!


Fuel/Fuel Cell:

No alcohol or nitrous oxide.

No pressure system.

Steel or braided lines (not in driver’s compartment).

Racing fuel cell mandatory. 10” ground clearance.

Must have fuel check valve.

Fuel cell, filler tube and filter to be properly mounted in trunk area.

Rear fuel cell guard mandatory.

Cell shall be enclosed in red metal container.




Must be securely mounted, enclosed and above frame rails in front of rear end.




Tires 970's

Steel wheels safety 8” type.

1” lug nuts mandatory.



Screw jacks OK.

After market sway bar and upper control arms OK.

Rear suspension may be 3 or 4 link.

Aftermarket coil and shocks OK.

5 inch coil over shocks allowed. Steel Body/TA Only. Shocks must be fully contained with no external components, lines, canisters etc. $200 claim on all shocks enforced by track management!!

Minimum 2 joints in steering shaft.


Weight penalties:


Base weight is 2900 pounds, 59% left side weight.

Full tube strut type chassis 3100 pounds.

Start weight 2900 (no coilovers/stock frame) max weight 3100 (quickchange/wide 5).




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